Earthquake Relief

  • Our medical center in Fonds Parisiens 30 miles outside of Port-au-Prince, was not affected by the earthquake and is serving as a vital source of relief in the aftermath of this disaster.  Multiple medical groups from the US and Canada used our hospital to provide life saving care for the victims of the quake.


  • In the immediate period after the quake, PHHdistributed over 2,000 pounds of vital medications for the care of the victims of the quake. We also distributed over 15,000 pounds of rice, 3,000 pounds of beans, and 1,000 liters of cooking oil to the victims of the quake.


  • In April and May 2010, PHH distributed 45,000 pounds of food, water, clothes, medical, and humanitarian suplies to the people of Haiti.  The majority of these supplies were donated to PHH by various individuals in organizations in Georgia and South Florida.