Board of Directors

Co-Founders and Board Members


Dr. Serge Geffrard is a Haitian immigrant to the United States, a board certified physician in Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine.  He is practicing Pediatric Cardiology in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Geffrard organized his first medical mission trip to Haiti in 1996 when he was a sophomore medical student at the University of Florida.  Since then, He has participated or directly involved in many medical mission trips to his homeland.  In July of 2004, he participated in a medical relief mission trip to Jimani, a border town affected by severe floodings two months before.  Dr. Geffrard is now directing his skills to help provide medical care for Haitian children.


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Dr. Ming Young is director of Pediatrics Cardiac Electrophysiology at Joe Dimaggio Childrens Hospital in Hollywood, FL.   He has been a health care provider in South Florida for more than twenty-five years.  In 2004, Drs. Young and Geffrard founded Project Haiti Heart.

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Other Board members


Mr. Johnny Voltaire, a Haitian-American cardiovascular technician at Jackson Memorial Hospital, is director of fundraising for Project Haiti Heart.

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Dr. Ken Poon is a Chinese-American ABIM board certified Internal Medicine physician who has completed training in a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatric training and is currently in Houston, TX completing a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the Baylor College of Medicine.

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Dr. Wiener Leblanc is a retired Haitian-American Pediatrician,  and a community leader.  Dr. Leblanc practiced general pediatrics for many years in the US and has been very involved in healthcare issues affecting the Haitian community in the US and in Haiti.

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Rev. Etienne Prophete is a Haitian-American pastor and the founder of Haitian Christian Mission.  He has been involved in mission work in Haiti for over 30 years.


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Dr. Maxene Cenatus is the hospital liason and medical director of the medical center in Fonds Parisiens.

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Dr. Mincs Calixte



Mr. Eldridge Stevens



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